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Terberg Terminal Tractors

PortxGroup is a distributor of Terberg Terminal Tractors in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands and provides genuine parts, service and technical support.

Terberg Beheer BV is a 140 year old group of companies specialising in design and manufacture of special vehicles based in The Netherlands. Manufacturing of Terberg Trucks for Asia-Pacific region is done by Terberg Tractors Malaysia.


PortxGroup is leading the way in introducing Terberg Electrical Trucks into Australian market with the first Terberg EV Fleet delivery of 12 Trucks in 2023 and assisting Terberg in commissioning fleet of 9 YT200EV Trucks in 2024.

Performance of the new Terberg YT200-EV electric motor is like that of a diesel engine, it has no CO2 and NOx emissions at the point of use. The new electric drive system has fewer moving parts than a diesel engine and any previous EV generation, resulting in lower maintenance costs. The new EV drive supports regenerative braking, thus reducing energy consumption. These vehicles can operate indoors with zero emissions and a lower noise level, which is particularly relevant for Terminal Trucks.

Terberg YT200-EV is a 3rd generation product with a unique LFP battery that has an Active Safety Design with 6 x temperature sensors. 

KEY BENEFITS of Terberg YT200 EV


We understand that every EV project is different and having a reliable charging solution is key to successful implementation. We have partnered with JET Charge, a leading EV charging infrastructure business in Australia to supply and install charging solutions for Terberg YT200EV Trucks.‚Äč


Terberg YT220 diesel terminal tractors (also known as yard trucks, shunt trucks, yard dogs) are widely used by major distribution centres, logistics companies, transport depots and ports worldwide. They are renown for their high quality, reliability, safety, driver’s comfort and lower cost of ownership.

Our Terminal Trucks are primarily used to efficiently move trailers in the yards. Terberg also provides solutions for multi-trailer trains from 4 to 10 TEU. 

Models are available in 4 x 2, 6 x 4 and 4WD.


Terberg YT220 in action in our client’s trailer yard, Melbourne

See Terberg YT220 features in a video below