PortxGroup offers Hybrid retrofits for RTGs to reduce CO2 emissions

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PortxGroup offers Hybrid retrofits for RTGs to reduce CO2 emissions

In recent years the concept of “green ports” came into the spotlight. Ports are playing a key role in driving global economic growth, but are also known to be the source of high energy consumption and pollution.

PortxGroup is now offering Hybrid solutions that improve efficiency and reduce emissions of any RTG.

In essence, the solution involves replacing a large genset on a traditional RTG with a large capacity lithium battery + a small genset.

Large capacity lithium battery supplies power to RTG whereas a small genset is used only for battery charging. This solution enables feeding the energy generated from lowering down a container back to the battery  and ensures a smooth 24h non-stop operation of RTGs if required. Fuels savings of up to 55% can be achieved using this solution.

Hybrid power system single diagram


Diesel generator set

We use small diesel generator set of 100KW, 440V for this solution. In case of battery set malfunction, diesel generator will supply power that is sufficient to allow gantry, trolley and hoist to run at a slow speed, and satisfy the power needs of air-conditioners, lighting and communication. Cummins diesel engines and Stamford generators are used for this purpose.

Controllable rectifying unit module

Traditional RTGs use the diode rectifying part of hoist inverter. Our solution uses controllable rectifying unit module, which plays a role of rectification, limiting current, increasing voltage and stabilizing voltage. It rectifies the 440V AC outputted by diesel generator into the needed DC, increases voltage and stabilizes the voltage to desired value. In addition, it can prevent generator set from shutdown by overload. Current limiting ensures that generator unit always remains in the most productive range. The power generator efficiency is enhanced.

DC/DC converter

It has bi-directional structure, maintains and stabilizes DC busbar voltage, limits recharging/discharging current, protect battery from over-charging/discharging, protect battery, extend battery life and increase system flexibility.

We use high quality DC/DC converter popular in hybrid power retrofit projects: rated current at battery side is 675A, voltage at battery side is 400-600V, at busbar side is 500-720V, output capacity is 400KW.

Battery set

SCiB™ modules battery system provides power for the whole unit and recycles the potential energy of hoist down.

When BMS detects battery level is low, PLC activates rectifying unit and diesel generator to charge battery.

We use TOSHIBA SCiB™ modules battery. BMS is also from TOSHIBA. Battery set is comprised of standard battery units of 525V, 40AH connected in parallel. In this project there are 3 standard units connected in parallel comprising a battery system of 525V and 120AH.

DC/AC inverter

DC/AC inverter inverts DC into a 3 phase AC to PLC, lighting and 415V auxiliary power supply. A high quality inverter of 90KW, 415V is used.

Sinuous filter

Sinuous filter removes the harmonic wave in 3 phases AC outputted from inverter. Smooth 3 phase current is much closer to 3 phase sine wave AC. This means quality of auxiliary power supply is enhanced and the interference caused by harmonic wave voltage to control electric device is eliminated.

PortxGroup offers Hybrid retrofits solutions in partnership with Usaha Teknikal Sdn Bhd, Malaysia.

For more information, please email info@portxgroup.com