Peter McLean, former Senior Vice President of Kalmar Asia Pacific and President of Bromma, a global container spreader company domiciled in Singapore, has announced today the launch of PortxGroup, which he has Co-Founded with fellow Partner and Director, Ian Frost

When interviewed, Mclean said: “It is with great pride and enthusiasm that I launch our new business today – PORTXGROUP.”

He said, that while it may seem counter intuitive to start a business during these unprecedented times, he firmly believe that this downturn presents a great opportunity to start a business that will contribute to the efficiency of the logistics industry.  

As the famous Chinese strategist Sun Tzu said: “In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity” Mclean quoted.        

He went on to say, that this current pandemic, sometimes referred to as the Great Lockdown, will most likely produce permanent changes in how and where we do business.

Ports and terminals have been placed in an exceptional situation during COVID-19, forcing terminal operators to rethink how to operate and manage terminals. The sense of urgency to move forward with Digitalisation and Automation is certainly being empowered, helping alignment across the Industry. However, terminals also face significant challenges and constraints unrelated to technology, both for running and implementing change to cover the operational weaknesses exposed during the pandemic.  

Independent of the current pandemic, maintenance costs in ports are way too high and increase year after year with seemingly no end in sight.

Parts sourcing is quite convoluted, as each piece passes through many stages prior to arriving to the end user.

Maintenance outsourcing is another alternative. However, are there dedicated professional contractors with a high level of ports experience who do not have excessive corporate overheads weighing down any possible savings that might be gained?

The other question quite often asked by terminals is: “Do contractors deliver real value to the terminal operator?”        

PortxGroup has set out to do just that. We help the Port Industry solve the following problems:    

  • Reduce Maintenance Costs by working together on solutions
  • Providing professional industry experienced project management
  • Offering real value for money to terminal operators

Working with PortxGroup will provide the terminal operator a cost-effective way to access the very best thinking and innovative solutions, be it standard equipment, maintenance and parts, engineering solutions or project advisory.

At PortxGroup, we believe the first step to solve any problem is to acknowledge that the problem exists. Now, while I do not propose to have all of the answers, nor can I cover all of these points in this single announcement, I do invite those who are interested to work with us on solutions to contact us and interact, look at our website and follow us on social media. Join us on this journey where I will publish articles related to the issues faced by the port industry and share my ideas on potential solutions, says Peter McLean.   

“Operate for today, Optimise for tomorrow”   

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