Pacific National signs innovative service partnership agreement with PortxGroup

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Pacific National signs innovative service partnership agreement with PortxGroup

 23 August 2023 

Pacific National and PortxGroup are pleased to announce the signing of a maintenance contract that will see PortxGroup deliver maintenance services to Pacific National’s Rail Mounted Gantry (RMG) cranes at their major interstate intermodal terminals in Chullora, Sydney and Dynon Road, Melbourne. The contract is underpinned by an innovative outcome-based service model and is the first of its kind in Australia in the container handling industry. “We are excited about entering into a service partnership agreement with PortxGroup. This new contract revolutionises the way we partner with our maintenance service provider and is anticipated to bring an increase in productivity and resource utilisation while delivering significant benefits to both companies,” said Mark Beckwith, Pacific National’s Material Handling Equipment Principal.

“Having an outcome-based maintenance contract means PortxGroup will be directly incentivised based on our performance. The more outcomes we deliver in consultation with Pacific National, the more we are incentivised. In summary, this new Outcome-Based Service Concept (OBSC) refers to Pacific National specifying contract requirements in terms of expected performance (KPI’s) levels, rather than output levels. In contrast, traditional output-based contracts specify fixed amounts of resources (e.g. manpower, equipment) that the service provider needs to supply. Therefore, our contract resourcing is entirely up to us, however we are measured on crane availability during agreed periods.” said Peter McLean, PortxGroup CEO.  

About Pacific National  Pacific National ( is Australia’s largest private rail freight operator. With more than 340 customers in every region of mainland Australia operating in diverse industries, Pacific National services a mix of general cargo, import/export, steel, waste, soft and hard commodities including grain, coal, and iron ore.  

About PortxGroupPortxGroup ( is a group of Asia Pacific companies engaged in providing cost-effective ways to access the very best thinking and innovative solutions, be it standard or advanced equipment, maintenance and parts, engineering solutions or project advisory.  

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