Metagro Cabins and OPS Factor Desks

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Metagro Cabins and OPS Factor Desks

PORTXGROUP is a Metagro (who now owns Merford Cabins) distributor in Australia, NZ and the Pacific Islands.

METAGRO CABINS is a leading brand of cabins for Port Terminals, OEMs, Bulk Transshipment, Mining, Offshore, Steel Industry, Dredging Industry, Construction, Roadworks and Government Services. Metagro supplies plug-and-play cabins that have proven their worth in the past few decades. Health, safety and efficiency are critical factors in daily equipment operations and key to Metagro cabin design. Our goal is to offer the best operational solution for every cabin.

OPS-FACTOR is a spin-off from Metagro Cabins. The development of remote control and automation in the container handling industry requires a new playing field. With OPS factor we can dedicate our focus on the new role and working environment of (remote) control operators. Supporting a safe, healthy and effective operational process.

Automation projects are technology driven but have big impact on operational process, people and jobs. Our mission is to integrate the Ops Factor in automation projects and to bring synergy between operations and machines.

Plug and play, from design to commissioning, OPS Factor offers innovative solutions for your future operator environment. Such as their ergonomically designed remote control desk, special furniture for supervisors and planners or acoustic and lighting solutions to complete your new working environment and to keep your operators alert and focused.